KH 1500HZ
350.000 JOD 350.000 JOD 350.0 JOD
Stage Fog Machine 1500w Haze Machine With Hazer/DMX Haze Machine For Stage
KH-US 1500
150.000 JOD 150.000 JOD 150.0 JOD
Stage remote control Mini Smoke Machine 1500W LED up Fog Machine
KH-SM 1500
150.000 JOD 150.000 JOD 150.0 JOD
High Quality 1500w Mini Stage Fog Smoke Machine With LED for Party Entertainment
Laser 1000 RGB
550.000 JOD 550.000 JOD 550.0 JOD
Professional Laser Light 1W Full Color RGB 12 DMX Channels Laser Projector Disco Party Show Light
Confetti Launcher
1,200.000 JOD 1,200.000 JOD 1200.0 JOD
Professional Confetti Launcher w/Wireless Remote for Concerts, Parties, and Special Events
6 Eyes Laser
0.000 JOD 0.0 JOD
6 Eyes Stage Rotation Laser Bar Light RED Spider Projector DMX
CO2 Jet
2,500.000 JOD 2,500.000 JOD 2500.0 JOD
X-4 CO2 Jet is a large CO2 jet with 2 units connected in series, small and light
Fire Projector LPG
650.000 JOD 650.000 JOD 650.0 JOD
Flame Thrower One Head Stage Effect Fire Machine
450.000 JOD 450.000 JOD 450.0 JOD
LED Co2 Jet Machine Handheld Stage Effect
530.000 JOD 530.000 JOD 530.0 JOD
Ultrasonic 1500W Low Fog machine in flight case
21.552 JOD 21.552 JOD 21.552 JOD
KIS-ONE hazer liquid
Spraying Fire Machine
100.000 JOD 100.000 JOD 100.0 JOD
Cold Spark Firework Machine
375.000 JOD 375.000 JOD 375.0 JOD
Wedding Stage Effect Remote Control DMX Sprayer