L-200 Fresnel
875.000 JOD 875.000 JOD 875.0 JOD
TV Studio Lights 200W DMX Zoom Continuous Light LED Fresnel Light Item Type: Video Lights
Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design
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Pearl 2010
0.000 JOD 0.0 JOD
lighting console DMX 512/1990 standard DMX control channel 2048; Four optically isolated individual drive signal output ports. Electric shocks can be anti-2000Vrms. Independent power supply independent signals; 40 channels can control up to 240 computers and 240 dimming light
HK-IN 1810
120.000 JOD 120.000 JOD 120.0 JOD
LED Slim Par Light 18*10 DMX 512 Control DJ Disco Stage Light Aluminum Casting LED Par Light
HK-IN 5403
75.000 JOD 75.000 JOD 75.0 JOD
Par Stage Light RGBW 3w led par 54 160 watt led DJ Stage Light
KH-OD 1810
190.000 JOD 190.000 JOD 190.0 JOD
Out Door 18x10w RGBW 4in1 LED Outdoor Par Can Light Effect DMX 512 Disco DJ Stage Waterproof Par Light
KH-WW 2403
150.000 JOD 150.000 JOD 150.0 JOD
Waterproof 24pcs*3W RGBW LED Wall Washer Light for Outdoor Project Lighting
KH 1500HZ
350.000 JOD 350.000 JOD 350.0 JOD
Stage Fog Machine 1500w Haze Machine With Hazer/DMX Haze Machine For Stage
375.000 JOD 375.000 JOD 375.0 JOD
Strobe 4x100W Warm & White Audience Blinder Light COB 4 Eyes Stage DMX
KH-17R 350w 3IN1
850.000 JOD 850.000 JOD 850.0 JOD
350W 17R 3IN1 Beam Spot Wash Stage Disco Light Moving Head
KH-10R 275w
800.000 JOD 800.000 JOD 800.0 JOD
Sharpy Beam 10R 275W Beam Moving Head Light 16 Prism Gobo Stage Light
KM-WL 1915 Z
650.000 JOD 650.000 JOD 650.0 JOD
Bee Eye 19pcs 15w LED Moving With Zoom Stage Light Equipment
KH-7R 230w
850.000 JOD 850.000 JOD 850.0 JOD
Super Pro Beam 7R 230 Sky 230w Sharpy Stage Light Moving Light Heads
Tiger Touch II
2,200.000 JOD 2,200.000 JOD 2200.0 JOD
System Built-in Library Editing Software 15.4in Screen DMX 512 Lighting Console Generation 2 Tiger Touch DMX Controller
DMX 192 Controller
90.000 JOD 90.000 JOD 90.0 JOD
Stage Light Dmx Controller 512 192 Controller com midi
KH-US 1500
150.000 JOD 150.000 JOD 150.0 JOD
Stage remote control Mini Smoke Machine 1500W LED up Fog Machine
KH-SM 1500
150.000 JOD 150.000 JOD 150.0 JOD
High Quality 1500w Mini Stage Fog Smoke Machine With LED for Party Entertainment
Aura 1915Z
600.000 JOD 600.000 JOD 600.0 JOD
Aura Back Light 19pcs 15W RGBW 4in1 LED Moving Head Zoom Wash Light
KH-Winch 6
350.000 JOD 350.000 JOD 350.0 JOD
Truss Tower Lift Winch L01Max Height 6M, Load 200kg
Plexiglass Stage 1
0.000 JOD 0.0 JOD
Kosha Plexiglass Stage For Outdoor Events And Indoor Events 5m*2.5m*0.45cm
Stage Light Clamp
20.000 JOD 20.000 JOD 20.0 JOD
Aluminum Stage Light Hook Clamp Fit For 40-60mm Moving Head Light Hook Equipment Security